Florida Technology Company Serious Simulations Unveils World’s Fastest Virtual Reality Images

Orlando, Fla. (Oct. 29, 2015)  — Serious Simulations LLC, has developed a groundbreaking new technology to help process visual images more than a thousand times faster than the human brain.

Christopher Chambers, co-founder and chief executive officer of Serious Simulations, said the new Serious Simulations Zero-Frame Latency Wireless VR Processor drastically improves wireless virtual reality (VR) display for high resolution screens.

In a training simulator, where first responders, soldiers and offshore oil well technicians must perfect critical skills, processing speed can mean future disasters avoided, lives saved and Americans kept safe.

Chambers called his company’s new processor a “reformatter” device that re-organizes VR images pixel-by-pixel “on the fly,” using pre-wireless transmission image processing.

“It takes less than 20 micro-seconds to deliver the first pixel of the wireless image to the screen, and the process accelerates,” Chambers explained.

According to cognitive scientists at MIT, the fastest human brain can process a visual image in 13 milliseconds. Serious Simulations is about 1,500 times faster.

Wireless transmitters stream images in landscape format—wider than tall. Most high-definition wireless displays in use today, including cell phones and tablets, typically render images in portrait format.

For a picture of a loved one, that doesn’t matter much. But a few millionths of a second can make the difference between the virtual reality you want a jet pilot to feel in a training environment and the awkward “suspension of disbelief” standard that was par for the simulator industry a decade ago.

Chambers said the new Serious Simulations Zero-Frame Latency Wireless VR Processor is so fast it can reduce a wireless VR system’s total pipeline latency by more than 25 percent.

For a single image in 1920 x 1080 resolution, Serious cuts about 17 milliseconds from the screen display time. That’s faster than the human brain.

And stacked up against the industry standard, the new Serious Simulations Zero-Frame Latency Wireless VR Processor does even better.

“We can totally eliminate the need for frame rotation software, and that difference alone speeds up image rendering by 1000 percent,” Chambers explained.

Serious Simulations made a name for itself with the world’s only wireless Peripheral Vision Immersive Device (PVID), which enables true human peripheral vision in a virtual reality event.

The firm now produces the fastest wireless displays in the world.

Serious Simulations is a client company of the UCF Business Incubation Program in the Central Florida Research Park in East Orange County.

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About Serious Simulations, LLC
Serious Simulations LLC, an Orlando based Veteran Owned business, produces wireless head and helmet mounted displays (HMDs) with very high resolutions and wide fields of view.  The industry-leading HMDs are available separately and also as components of Serious Simulations’ professional grade VR training systems for military, police, emergency responders and other trainees for complex or dangerous tasks.  The company designs training systems using custom made hardware and software components for specific skill training needs, combined with motion tracking systems, wireless communications devices, display technologies and commercial game engines.  The company is a partner in the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) network. For more information, visit our web site at www.serioussimulations.com.

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