Security, Liquid Logistics, Transportation, Utilities, even Telemedicine; a wide variety of tomorrow’s assets and services are connecting through the internet to computers and mobile devices. This connectivity provides users unprecedented vigilance and control over their assets and operations, enabling “green efficiency” by keeping users in touch with their assets in near real time, thus providing enhanced business intelligence, improved security, reduced energy use and reduced pollution.

Invigicom’s solutions are leading this wave of the internet, enabling you to watch over your world with a wireless enabled, web-based, mobile-accessible platform that is adaptable to a broad variety of applications. By providing turnkey solutions including sensors, communication gateways and web-based portals, Invigicom’s offerings give you the ability to achieve extraordinary results, without requiring you to build your own solution from piecemeal components. InvigiSense™ platform solutions are initially launching in art security and waste oil management.

Invigicom, Inc.