Tenosar Launches PaNDA to Merge and Analyze Multi-Source Data Real-time

Orlando, Fla. – One of the most difficult aspects of reviewing military training is merging data from a variety of sources to develop the comprehensive view on it’s successes and places for improvement.

Tenosar, an Orlando-based service-disabled veteran owned business, has launched a new technology platform designed to solve this problem, giving users a complete picture and review of its data, even from multiple networks.

PaNDA, Parallel Network Data Analyzer, is a visual, data and analytical evaluation tool, with dashboard display, that allows users to collect, evaluate and sort information from two or more separate networks.

“Understanding the data from training exercises and other military activities has proven to be very difficult as the analysis of these exercises is performed on various technologies,” says Teresa Speck, executive vice president of research and government programs, Tenosar. “Our new platform centralizes all of the various data into one easy to use dashboard.”

As part of the launch of PaNDA, Tenosar was chosen at I/ITSEC to participate in Operation Blended Warrior, an annual major research and development project with dozens of government and industry organizations. The project explores new and innovative ways to blend live, virtual and constructive training capabilities to revolutionize training in the defense and security sectors.

One of the key challenges during Operation Blended Warrior is that each country has its own system of analyzing data and those systems are not programmed to talk to the other.  By including PaNDA in the project, the multiple participants were able to see data from across all of the various systems, combined into an integrated, useable display.

“For a relatively new company to be included in Operation Blended Warrior, we were tremendously honored to be chosen,” Speck says. “We’re already seeing multiple countries and agencies reach out to us to incorporate PaNDA into their technology platform and really look at this as an incredible opportunity to grow our business.”

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