What services do you offer?

Mobile application in the pet market that provides low to no cost pet sitting, boarding and pet co-parenting services.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love knowing that my business model will help millions of people solve a common problem, being in an industry that helps the wellbeing of innocent, loving and loyal pets and being surrounded by wonderful people who love animals!

What inspired you to start your business?

Pet Nabor’s “pet sharing” or “pet co-parenting” concept was derived from a real-life experience. I rescued a Havanese that was a “runner”! I chipped him and tagged him with my phone number because anytime there was an open door, like lighting he would dash out and sprint down the sidewalk and then zip in and out of neighbor’s yards. On several occasions I had to put up posters on trees, stop signs, and fences to alert my neighborhood of my “LOST DOG!”. I would get out there immediately because time is of the essence with a speedy and adventurous doggy that loves to run! Fact is most people are honest, helpful, caring, and good and each time I was able to get him back quickly and easily!

The third time Teddy ran away I got that memorable call from a neighbor, Julia who only lived 4 houses down and around the corner. “Hello is this Roda? I have Teddy!” Julia and I had never met prior to the incident. We soon became friends as Julia was home a lot, and I was super busy with an MBA program at Rollins and launching a medical supplies company, Carter-Health Disposables. Soon Teddy spent quality time with his neighbor / Auntie Julia and I was able to get more stuff done, without feeling like I was neglecting Teddy. In the end, I realized the importance of neighbors supporting neighbors and that neighbors would benefit if they would only be friendlier and more helpful to one another. People need be in closer contact with their neighbors and sometimes it takes a dog to break the ice!

Thats when I realized that duplicating what Julia and I did, helping each other out, share in caring for a pet and enriching each other’s lives could be a thing and there should be an App for that! Over a decade later, I finally put the idea in action! By pet sharing, neighbors can become co-parents and share in the love and care of a pet. In post-COVID times when people need to come together, become more neighborly, helpful and supportive… finally there is Pet Nabor!

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Knowing that there are millions of pets that need long-term and loving homes and people need help managing them! The belief that Pet Nabor can help solve the problem of over filled animal shelters and neglected pets makes me hopeful.

What is your secret to making progress each day?

Although I’ve been consumed with personal constraints over the past year, moving forward I plan to allocate time slots each day for certain tasks, rather than looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed.

Tell us one thing people don’t know about you.

I’d rather die than give up.

A typical weekend for me is…

A round of golf (on a good weekend)! A few hours working on volunteer work, one good workout plus yoga on Sunday morning.

What will people get from your business that they won’t get anywhere else?

A way to connect with neighbors for help taking care of their pets, gain more free time, while building new and potentially life-long friendships.

Have you won any awards or had any special recognition or acknowledgement of your business?

Not yet!

What are your plans for the future of your business?

To participate in an acquisition with a brand that will ensure the mission of reducing pet homeless rate and enhancing the lives of pets and pet lovers.

What’s your secret talent no one knows about?

I am a classically trained flutist.

What did you want to be when growing up?

A fashion designer.

What is your favorite thing to do in the wonderful area of Central Florida?


What would people never guess you do in your role?

Be super overwhelmed with so many platforms and passwords!

What do you love most about your industry?

The ability to make everything easier through mobile application.

How have you advanced professionally since starting your business?

I’ve learned that no matter how intimidating technology can be, it is only as scary as I allow it to be. I can pivot by applying what I’ve learned in other fields to help move forward in achieving new goals.

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