HipScience and District 2 Commissioner Tony Ortiz Bridge The Gap Work Together Bringing New Experiences & Technology To Residents

Orlando, FL: District 2 Commissioner Tony Ortiz’s DigiHood Academy is partnering with HipScience to host a Robotics Workshop for the students at the Engelwood Neighborhood Center on September 13, 2016. The workshop will offer a hands-on opportunity for the kids to learn the fundamentals of robotics and 3D printing.

HipScience will be providing the equipment necessary to allow the students a true one-on-one experience with this advanced technology. The purpose of this event is to spark interest in engineering and encourage young minds to get involved in new technology.

“By partnering with District 2 Commissioner Tony Ortiz’s DigiHood Academy, we plan on exposing students around Orlando to new and exciting ways of delving into STEM education, turning curiosity into enthusiasm”, says Marquette Trishaun, Principal of HipScience. The products will provoke interest to pursue higher learning this summer and beyond. Mantis has been featured at both the White House Science Fair and Microsoft’s YouthSpark Live event in Houston this year.

“Giving children the opportunity to develop science, technology, engineering, and math skills at a young age, will enhance the chances for academic / professional success. As a City Commissioner, I am committed to being part of the laying out of the foundation for the responsible growth and development of our children.

HipScience is a state of the art company fully aware of the needs of the marketplace and committed to helping our young generations. With the aid of the UCF Business Incubator program, HipScience will be able to meet those needs for the future to come.”

HipScience is a startup of the UCF Business Incubation Program which is designed to help early-stage businesses develop into financially stable companies by providing the tools, training, and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster startup growth.

About Hip Science:
Hip Science stands at the intersection of Science and Humanity because electronics without a cause is so yesterday. We are an embedded sensor company, meaning we embed sensors with other cool stuff so they talk and play nice with other cool technology. I guess you can call them social sensors because they speak Bluetooth, WIFI, LTE, or any other language necessary to bridge them to our lives. We are not just another design company doing tech for tech sake. We make tech for a safer tomorrow – a brighter future of sorts. And yes we have to offer the disclaimer that we have paid our dues with over 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry. This is not just what we do – this is how we give back to a greater whole.

About Mantis Open STEM:
Mantis Open Stem is revolutionizing the way sensors communicate to the world. We look to create fun, hands-on ways of learning and experimenting. Here at Mantis Open Stem, we believe in the importance of STEM education on today’s youth, and hope to show this in our simplified, easy-to-use products. With a variety of devices that incorporate sensors, probes, and robotics, kids can explore their own scientific creativity through Mantis.

About District 2 Commissioner Tony Ortiz’s:
Bridging The Gap: Bringing The Gap is a movement that brings people of various ages and cultures together for the unified improvement of Orlando’s District 2. The movement takes the technological skills of the youth and the organizational strengths of the experienced generations to form a dynamic collaboration of knowledge that aims to strengthen Orlando’s District 2 community in various positive aspects.

About Your District 2 Commissioner Tony Ortiz’s: DigiHood Academy: District 2’s DigiHood Academy is a program under the Bridging The Gap umbrella consisting of interactive workshops, which are aimed at engaging, motivating, developing and empowering the youth residents of District 2.