Serious Simulations Debuts First-ever Wireless VR Display for Quarterback Simulation Training

Canton, OH (August 10,2018) – Orlando-based Serious Simulations has delivered another industry first at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week – a unique wireless virtual reality helmet mounted display (VR HMD) for elite football player training.

The first unit was created for Colorado-based Sports Virtual Training Systems, an innovative company bringing VR simulation to professional and collegiate football. The first system focuses on training professional football quarterbacks, but can be altered for elite college and professional players in all positions.

The custom made, helmet mounted display (HMD) is based on Serious Simulations’ award-winning design known as the PVID Pro, which is a wireless VR display with wide enough field of view to support human peripheral vision.

“Professional training for skills that require extensive human motion require an untethered approach, without sacrificing quality or putting up with unnatural latency,” said Chris Chambers, founder of Serious Simulations. “The technology we developed for our untethered infantry and police simulators has a parallel home in all types of active professional training.  We have been honored to work with Sports VTS and will continue to provide them the cutting-edge products they need.”

Serious Simulations has two patents pending for its ground-breaking techniques for wireless virtual reality displays, which deliver 3D imagery to the displays wirelessly in near real time using millimeter wave radio transmissions.

The technology for the Helmet Mounted Display was originated for training US Army Infantrymen and Law Enforcement officers, so that they could be completely untethered and have a more realistic experience.  The integration of wireless VR with a pro football helmet makes it the only such visual system available for simulation training for football quarterbacks.

“Our quarterback VR simulator represents a brand-new approach to pro-level sports training,” says Ted Sundquist, founder and CEO of Sports Virtual Training Systems, and the former general manager of the Denver Broncos. “The key to our simulator’s success is the integration of the latest technology in the marketplace.  Serious Simulations provides us the best and only wireless HMD with true human peripheral vision, custom fit to an actual professional football helmet.  This technology gives us one more innovative feature that benefits our customers.”

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About Serious Simulations, LLC:  Serious Simulations LLC, an Orlando based Veteran Owned simulation business, designs immersive training systems using custom made hardware and software components for specific skill training needs, combined with motion tracking systems, wireless communications devices, wireless display technologies and commercial game engines. It produces wireless video technology and wireless head/helmet mounted displays (HMDs) with very high resolutions and wide fields of view.  The industry-leading wireless HMDs, and wireless VR add-ons, are available separately or as components of Serious Simulations’ professional grade VR training systems for military, police, emergency responders, and professional grade entertainment experiences.  The company is a partner in the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) network. For more information, visit our web site at .   Inquiries: 

About Sports VTS: Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Sports Virtual Training Systems, Inc. (Sports VTS) is revolutionizing the world of sports training with its proprietary technology that creates Simulated Reality training experiences, allowing athletes to combine real world repetitions within the immersive environment of VR.  QBSIM, the first product from Sports VTS, is the only simulation solution that allows a quarterback to train by passing a real football into virtual reality. The platform leverages sports science, big data, and state of the art technologies to help players maximize performance by learning faster through a focus on neuro-recognition of patterns and minimization of injury risk.

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