Harris Aerial’s Hybrid Drones First to Conduct LiDAR Survey

Orlando, Fla. (May 29, 2018) – For more than 50 years, aerial LiDAR surveys have been providing the most accurate mapping of earth, emitting lasers to capture 3D images of the ground, it’s features and elevations.

But, attaching the system to airplanes has its limitations as it is costly to perform and provides just one shot for the laser as the plane flies past the target.

Orlando’s Harris Aerial, one of the world leaders in developing new drone technology, has teamed with LiDAR USA and Skytec to demonstrate the capabilities of its Carrier H4 Hybrid Drones.

“Traditional LiDAR surveys are extremely pricey – a one-day survey can range more than six figures,” says Ben Harris, president of Harris Aerial. “By using our hybrid drones, we are able to replace the cost of jet fuel and a plane, yet still spend enough time in the air to complete the survey.”

The Carrier H4 Hybrid drone can fly uninterrupted carrying LiDAR equipment for two and a half hours. In addition to the extended flight, the Carrier H4 Hybrid has the largest capacity for carrying payload on the market.

“Both of these elements are essential to completing LiDAR surveys, as the drone must remain in the air for an extended period of time to capture the image,” Harris says. “This is just another of the very practical uses for the hybrid drone market, which is the future of commercial applications of drones.

To see the new Carrier H4 Hybrid conduct the first LiDAR survey, please view the video found here.

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