Datanautix’ New VOCL Machine Learning Platform Will Revolutionize The Way Big Corporations Respond to Customer Feedback

ORLANDO / WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. Datanautix, Inc., a leading innovator in customer experience analytics, has launched its boldest product yet – VOCL, a machine learning and natural language processing platform that can change the way large-scale enterprises drive business insights from large sets of customer comments.

“For a small operation such as a café, customer comments can be handled one at a time,” explained Sanjay Patel, founder and president of Datanautix.

“But for a company that serves thousands of customers – an airline, a visitor attraction, healthcare organization or a government agency – processing thousands of comments so they mean something can require months of labor intense hours,” Patel said.

The open-ended customer comment is vital information to the company, and is equally important to the customer, yet linking the two has traditionally been very expensive, Patel explained.

Datanautix’ new VOCL platform solves that management problem with highly sensitive, intuitive software that reads, sorts and analyzes customer comments in any language.

Using text analytics as well as a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, VOCL can tease out relevant data from thousands of customer comments in a matter of minutes. Sometimes the answers are so subtle that human analysts might easily overlook a problem.

During a recent demonstration project Datanautix did for a major international airline, the VOCL system quickly noticed that most customs complaints about visas and immigration fell on the same day of the week.   “The client was able to rectify a major complaint in a matter of days and at almost no cost,” Patel said.

VOCL is a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that can be deployed for clients in a matter of hours and, depending on the size of the task at hand, can yield actionable insights in minutes. Patel said Datanautix has already scheduled new features of capability including an automated insight generation engine, a natural language generation function to summarize datasets and multi-lingual capabilities.

Datanautix, Inc. is a client company of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program located at the Seminole/Winter Springs site at 1511 E. S.R. 434.

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