Coaching Firm Total Alignment Partners Offers “Awareness Boost” as Currency in Personal-Development Courses

Winter Springs, Fla. (July 7, 2015) – Total Alignment Partners or TAP, a global executive coaching and consulting firm, is making it easier than ever for corporate clients and others to achieve alignment and perform at their highest levels through what they call a customized “Awareness Boost” currency program.

But, instead of spending hundreds of dollars, clients can plug into TAP’s distribution center of awareness to find what they need without dealing with the barrier of cost versus self-worth, according to Debbie Forcier-Lynn, chief executive officer for TAP, an Orlando-based company that helps corporate clients reach their potential.

“Most of us agree that money is energy, and for many of us it has an emotional charge and can limit us in what we want to achieve,” said Forcier-Lynn.

After working with numerous leaders and employees, Forcier-Lynn and her business partner Belinda MJ Brown, chief operating officer for TAP, had the vision to fulfill a need by designing and offering personal-development programs at an affordable cost. She said the idea for “Pay What You Want” courses came from an overwhelming response from clients.

“People often put personal development last on their lists of priorities,” she said.  “We often get it backwards, your personal development ‘powers’ your energy for career development. Our online courses have been developed and we believe there is no need for them to just sit there – we want people using them and growing.  Who are we to put a price on them?  This is for you to price based on the value you receive from them.  As people develop personally we trust they will also know the worth of what helped them get there,” she explained.

“We lift the pressure of budgeting and remove the limits of investing in oneself,” Forcier-Lynn said. “In this case, no money questions asked from a spouse or a business partner; only the freedom to live in the present moment and experience.”

The two women view the program as their way of making a difference.

“We are coming from a place of abundance and we know that together with others, we can all reach our full potential,” Brown said. “Our funds are dedicated to creating and generating awareness, as we continue to grow our distribution center of awareness.”

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TAP is a business client of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program in Winter Springs.

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About Total Alignment Partners:

Debbie Forcier-Lynn and Belinda M.J. Brown founded Total Alignment Partners [TAP] in 2014 as an organizational advisement company that specializes in alignment, strategic implementation and execution management. They work with organizations that are willing to do whatever it takes to meet their strategic initiatives. TAP is a business client of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program in Winter Springs. 

About the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program:   

The University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program is a community resource that provides early-stage companies with the tools, training and infrastructure to become financially stable, high growth / impact enterprises.   Since 1999, this award-winning program has helped hundreds of local startup companies reach their potential faster by providing vital business development resources.

With seven facilities throughout the region, the UCF Business Incubation Program is an economic development partnership between the University of Central Florida, the Corridor, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia Counties, and the cities of Apopka, Kissimmee, Orlando and Winter Springs.  Participating companies sustain more than 3,600 local jobs and have had a total impact of $1.51B on regional sales and $2.48B on regional economic output.  During the last fiscal year, the program has returned $7.95 for every $1.00 invested in the program.  For more information, visit