Orlando, Fla. (December 30, 2021) – For most people, navigating through the justice system is complicated. For those individuals whose first language is not English, it can be near impossible.

That’s why CCI Group and the Orlando Center for Justice have come together to ensure speakers of more than 200 languages can utilize the services offered by the non-profit.

“It’s an honor to start providing services and assisting the Orlando Center for Justice,” says Indy Vega, CEO and founder of CCI Group. “We are looking forward to helping them provide that bridge to everyone to have access to the justice system.”

Today, the Orlando Center for Justice uses staff members to help interpret and translate for individuals using their services. However, that has been limited to Spanish and Portuguese.

“We realize the population is much more diverse and we need to ensure we are able to stay true to our mission,” says Melissa Marantes, co-founder and executive director of the Orlando Center for Justice. “When someone calls, we want to direct the community to the right resources and we know language is essential to understanding an already complex process.”

Over the years, the Orlando Center for Justice has had speakers of Russian, Swahili, Creole and many other languages reach out for legal help. In addition, the group finds many indigenous dialects are significantly different locally, particularly the large Guatemalan community in Central Florida.

Starting in January, speakers of more than 200 languages can receive over-the-phone interpretations. Plus, the organization’s attorneys can utilize CCI Group to translate any legal documents.

While Orlando Center for Justice is hiring CCI Group for some services, the company is providing dozens of hours of work to help the organization with their cause. In addition, CCI Group will be a sponsor of the Orlando Center for Justice’s 5k race on January 8.

One of CCI Group’s key platforms is the company’s experience in the legal field. Vega started her company after serving as a staff translator and interpreter for the 9th district.

“Translations in the legal field must be precise because the stakes are so high,” she says. “We can not let anyone suffer the consequences of a bad interpretation or translation that might ruin someone’s life when we can seamlessly provide accurate interpretations and translations regardless of the language.”

For more information, please contact:

CCI Group: Alan Byrd, Alan Byrd & Associates, 407-415-8470, Alan@ByrdConnections.com

The Orlando Center for Justice: Melissa Marantes, 305-322-4497, Marantes@OrlandoJustice.org

About CCI Group: Founded in 2012, CCI Group is committed to revolutionizing language services and how they are rendered enabling companies, governments and courts to create, translate and deliver relevant and personalized content to support its clients’ mission and vision.  The company provides interpretation services in more than 200 languages, including American Sign Language. Language services are only performed by native speakers of the target or dominant language and they undergo strict testing and training procedures prior to supporting any client. To learn more, please visit MyCCIGroup.com/

About the Orlando Center for Justice: After hearing private attorneys having to turn away individuals who could not afford private representation and having almost nowhere to refer them and seeing a legal aid organization having to wind down and close their doors leaving a void in the community it previously served, three women frustrated by seeing clients alone in court, decided our city could be the home to a solution.  With the support of a team of community attorneys willing to serve on our board, OCJ was born.  Our goal was to create a system that would help to keep our doors open even if funding was reduced and help close the access to justice gap in Florida.  Now we hope we can inspire future lawyers to do the same. For more information, please visit OrlandoJustice.org