Two UCF Business Incubation Program Companies Receive $529,000 From Space Florida and Israel Partnership

Orlando, Fla., July 13, 2018 – In a unique method of providing innovation for the future, two UCF Business Incubation Program client companies have been awarded funding for aerospace technology research and development through a partnership program connecting Florida businesses with Israeli companies. Geeks and Nerds and Semplastics, were part of two of four partnerships […]

Orlando tech firms UniKey, Voxx team up to push toward keyless, fobless car-door entry

Semplastics Awarded $240,000 From Unique Space Florida and Israel Partnership

Orlando, Fla., July 09, 2018 – Through a unique grant program connecting Florida companies with Israeli companies in developing new technology for the aerospace industry, Oviedo-headquartered Semplastics was awarded $240,000. In partnership with Israel-based Polymertal, Semplastics will conduct research and development to create a new material 70 percent lighter than materials currently available. “This provides […]

ThreatAdvice Enhances Cybersecurity Learning Management System with Gamification Application Built On Blockchain