Two UCF Business Incubation Program Companies Receive $529,000 From Space Florida and Israel Partnership

Orlando, Fla., July 13, 2018 – In a unique method of providing innovation for the future, two UCF Business Incubation Program client companies have been awarded funding for aerospace technology research and development through a partnership program connecting Florida businesses with Israeli companies. Geeks and Nerds and Semplastics, were part of two of four partnerships […]

Orlando tech firms UniKey, Voxx team up to push toward keyless, fobless car-door entry

Semplastics Awarded $240,000 From Unique Space Florida and Israel Partnership

Orlando, Fla., July 09, 2018 – Through a unique grant program connecting Florida companies with Israeli companies in developing new technology for the aerospace industry, Oviedo-headquartered Semplastics was awarded $240,000. In partnership with Israel-based Polymertal, Semplastics will conduct research and development to create a new material 70 percent lighter than materials currently available. “This provides […]

ThreatAdvice Enhances Cybersecurity Learning Management System with Gamification Application Built On Blockchain

Geeks and Nerds Awarded $13.6 Million Army Prototype Contract

Orlando, FL, June XX, 2018 –Geeks and Nerds Orlando office has landed a major contract for the company to develop a test capability that will simulate Army rotary wing aircraft landings in degraded visual environments (DVE). The National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) and the Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) today announced the U.S. Army has […]