ATA and UCF’s Continuing Education Division Launch 3-Month Training Program for Aspiring Aviation Industry Technicians

KISSIMMEE / ORLANDO, Fla. – The Avionic Technicians Association (ATA) has partnered with University of Central Florida’s Division of Continuing Education to offer a three-month avionics technician training program starting January 2017.  Graduates will be prepared to work in the aviation industry and meet an urgent need to equip aircraft with the technology necessary to comply with the latest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.

“Anyone with a high school diploma can take this course and be ready to fill entry-level positions in the aviation sector upon graduation,” said Avionica founder and chief executive officer Israel Mercado, a 30 year veteran of the aviation industry.  Mercado also added, “It’s also very useful for experienced technicians or mechanics who want expand or renew their skills installing and troubleshooting the latest and most modern avionic equipment.”

By January 1, 2020 all aircraft must be equipped with the NextGen ADS-B technology to be compliant with FAA regulations, according to Mercado.  Next Generation Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast or “NextGen ADS-B” technology will enable pilots to see what controllers see and provide coverage in areas beyond the reach of radar.  NextGen ADS-B will improve the safety of flight and increase capacity in the nation’s skies.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorizes ATA to provide training and to certify students who successfully complete their training program and meet all necessary qualifications.  Everyone who completes the course will receive the Avionic Technician certificate and be tested to obtain the FCC license.

The three-month ATA curriculum will cover basic electronic and aviation principles, installation of aircraft navigation and communications systems, and procedures for trouble shooting electrical system faults.  The $5,000 tuition cost includes all lab materials and tools to be used by the students.

The UCF Continuing Education Division will provide marketing support, processing of student enrollment and fee collection, and issue the Avionics Technician certificate of course completion.  “We’re thrilled to be part of this initiative to grow local talent for local jobs in the aviation industry,” said Maria Cherjovsky, Associate Director for UCF Continuing Education.

The three-hour classes commencing Jan. 9, 2017, will be held twice weekly located at: 3952 Merlin Dr. Suite C, Kissimmee, FL 34741 in the Kissimmee Gateway Airport and the other location is: 241 Nilson Way Suite A, Orlando, FL 32803 in the Orlando Executive Airport.  Course schedules and locations are:

Monday and Wednesday, 9 a.m. to Noon at Kissimmee and Orlando;

Monday and Wednesday, 6 to 9 p.m. at Kissimmee and Orlando;

Tuesday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to Noon at Kissimmee and Orlando;

Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. at Kissimmee and Orlando.

A Saturday class from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport commencing Jan. 7 was added for those students that cannot make it during the week. Another Saturday class will become available in February.

Rafael Caamano, associate director for the UCF Business Incubation Program, said Avionic Technicians Association, is a subsidiary of Avionica, a Puerto Rico based company that graduated from the UCF Business Incubation Program’s Soft Landing program and established Avionica’s U.S. operations at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport.

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For more information contact

Israel Mercado, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Avionica, 321-424-5664;

Maria Cherjovsky, Associate Director, UCF Continuing Education Division, 407-882-0247

Rafael Caamano, Associate Director, UCF Business Incubation Program 407-278-4880;

Beth Payan or Larry Vershel, Larry Vershel Communications, 407-644-4142 or 407-461-3781;

About Avionica Orlando 

Avionica Orlando offers continuing professional training and licenses required by federal entities to exercise and practice the profession of avionics. They seek to bring together a representation of such a group of professionals in Latin America.  The aviation industry approaches this association seeking the avionics personnel trained by them to work in companies as certified and FCC licensed avionics technicians.

Training includes reviews and tests for two of the most important licenses of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and one-year membership of the Avionics Technicians Association, Inc. we also are the only Chief Examiner of the FCC in the State of Florida.  This on the job training (OJT) will cover topics such as: Electronic navigation instruments and communication, technical education, aviation safety, quality control, human factor, anything related to newest aviation technology known as NexGen.

About University of Central Florida Continuing Education

The Division of Continuing Education at UCF provides credit and non-credit courses and programs to make accessible the University’s resources for the re-education, training, professional advancement, and personal growth of the professionals and private citizens in its service area as well as the state, region, and nation.

About the UCF Business Incubator’s Soft Landing Program

 The UCF Business Incubator’s Soft Landing program provides fast growing companies who are headquartered outside of Metro Orlando with business support and facilities to quickly set up a Central Florida operation.  In the five years that UCF has offered the program, over three dozen international and domestic companies have joined the program.