ARC Surgicals Manufacturing Receives Patent and FDA Approvals for Groundbreaking Device that Reduces Risks, Increases Patient Safety

ORLANDO — (Feb. 22, 2016) — ARC Surgicals Manufacturing LLC, an Orlando based medical technology company, was recently granted a patent for its V-Guide, a medical device developed to reduce the risks of a procedure neurosurgeons perform in emergency rooms.  The Food and Drug Administration has also approved the device for its marketability.

Habeel Gazi, director, said his team developed the medical device to reduce the risks inherent in a Ventriculostomy, an emergency procedure performed at the ER bedside without the imaging and guiding tools available to neurosurgeons in the operating room.  It’s a time-sensitive procedure, usually done free hand with the goal of reducing and managing high pressure built up inside the patient’s skull.

Gazi said the Ventriculostomy procedure begins by the neurosurgeon drilling a hole through the skull into the brain and positioning a catheter towards the center of the brain to target the ventricles.

In cases of abnormal anatomy or small ventricles there is currently no way to target the ventricles accurately while the patient is in ER, Gazi explained.  “This is where the V-Guide comes in.  ARC Surgicals has developed a system which allows for the surgeon to position a mini frame right on top of the existing burr hole and use CT scan data to receive precise angles at which to best target the ventricles. This is all done bedside taking a minimal amount of time and almost no interruption in the existing workflow of the surgeon.”

ARC Surgicals Manufacturing plans to further develop V-Guide applications for use in hydrocephalus, shunt placements, brain biopsies and deep brain stimulation.

ARC Surgicals Manufacturing is a client company of the UCF Business Incubation Program located at Central Florida Research Park in East Orange County.

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For more information, media should contact:

Habeel Gazi, Director, ARC Surgicals Manufacturing LLC 407-203-9590

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Beth Payan or Larry Vershel, Larry Vershel Communications Inc. 407-644-4142

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