Who Else Knows?

By Michael Weiss

As you sip your morning coffee or enjoy a well-earned nightcap, please take a moment to think about a recent business accomplishment that you or your company achieved. After reflecting on that victory and giving yourself a nice pat on the back, I would next encourage you to ask yourself who else knows about that wonderful, exciting piece of news.

If you are just now realizing that you never shared that accomplishment with anyone or just quietly announced it to a business partner, friend, or family member; I next challenge you to think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to broadcast that success to a larger audience.

Yes, sometimes there are legitimate, legal reasons why you can’t make a public announcement. And yes, not everything is newsworthy. But more often than not, we write an achievement off as nothing more than the result or reward of our work. While that is true, accomplishments can also be used as assets or tools.

Receiving an award; securing a large contract or investment; expanding to a new market; bringing on a key hire or increasing your workforce; speaking at an industry conference, or celebrating a milestone or anniversary are all ways that highlight your reputation, value, and growth (i.e., the things that attract customers, prospects, partners, employees, investors, and the media). So why keep those things to yourself? Instead, package those successes as social media posts, press releases, blogs, newsletter features, etc. and let the world know.