This past month, VHC (,  a real estate management and rental company, part of the CVC Corp Group, the largest travel group in Latin America, has signed a new partnership with BRISA ( The new contract provides support, maintenance and complementary implementations of its property management systems, which serve VHC operations in all countries in which the company operates, including the United States and Brazil.

BRISA and VHC have a long history of successful relationships, which began in 2018, when VHC maintained operations only in the United States. This relationship encompasses the development and implementation, by BRISA, of computerized systems that automate important functions of the process of managing properties for season rentals executed by VHC, as well as the interconnection of VHC with the CVC Corp group, one of the largest leaders in the tourism industry in the world.

Differentiation and qualification of services, as well as automation of its operations, are fundamental elements for VHC to continue materializing its growth plans and become one of the largest companies in the industry, in the markets in which it operates. BRISA’s expertise in information technology and knowledge of the property management market qualify the company as an extremely differentiated partner to support ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) services and VHC aspirations.

“BRISA is extremely honored to have been chosen by VHC to support this outstanding company in its growth and consolidation in so many international markets. Our technology, present in several countries, and our recognized experience in the property management market will be important allies in this winning partnership,” says Paulo Toledo, BRISA’s President.

“VHC has solid growth plans, with a commitment to increasingly deliver a quality experience to its two main audiences: property owners and guests. We understand that technology is a fundamental factor for business scalability, and we believe that the partnership with BRISA has been contributing decisively to support our initiatives and to achieve our goals,” says Alexandre Vanzella, VHC’s General Manager.

About BRISA:

BRISA is a solid IT Services organization with more than 30 years of existence, dedicated to supporting companies in achieving their goals through information technology and telecommunications.

We have served clients in Brazil, the USA, Latin America and Europe. Some prominent companies that enjoy our services include LG Electronics, Epson, Ericsson, Lexmark, Flextronics, etc.

BRISA has been investing in some of the most advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), IoT (Internet of Things) and Image Processing.

BRISA is a Soft Landing Client Company of the Kissimmee/Osceola County UCF Business Incubator.

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About VHC:

VHC (Vacation Homes Collection) is a company with global experience in professional management and rental of season real estate with more than 400 registered properties in its portfolio. In the United States, VHC holds a broad portfolio, which includes international destinations such as Orlando and Miami, and regional destinations such as the Alabama Coast, Texas and the Mountains of Georgia. In Brazil, VHC holds destinations such as Gramado and São Miguel dos Milagres, among others. At VHC you will find a wide range of exclusive services so that the travel experience is differentiated from start to finish.

With a large technology front and been part of Latin America’s largest travel group, CVC Corp., the brand’s mission is to turn homes into a source of income for homeowners and allow guests to live their best travel dreams through unique experiences. Visit our website: