Rehoboth Innovations LLC is a orthopaedic company that provides products to improve treatment of patient care. Rehoboth Innovations has novel technology that allows us to design more optimal orthopaedic implants, surgical and rehabilitation plans to improve patient outcomes after joint arthroplasty. 1 in 4 patients are not happy with their functional range of motion after surgery. Currently manufacturers have implant designs that are not ideal to improving patient outcomes because the implant design does not take into account how the implant geometry will affect muscle performance. Muscle performance has a direct correlation with each patients range of motion. To improve patient care Rehoboth has developed software to improve patient care by incorporating patient-specific data to develop implant designs, pre-operative and rehabilitation planning. Our software allows us to provide better care for patients by improving the ability of our target customers to improve patient care . Our target customers are implant manufacturers (Depuy Johnson and Johnson, Zimmer Biomet,Exactech,Tornier, etc), orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals.

Rehoboth Innovations