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    Management (Best practices, Leadership development, Recruitment strategy, Ownership, Board, Community Engagement, etc.)

    Business Planning (Business modeling, Value proposition, Niche markets, Go-to-Market strategy, Strategic partnerships, Industry analysis, Competitive analysis, Growth planning, etc.)Marketing (Branding, Website, Collateral, Media & publicity, Channels, etc.)Sales (Sales strategy, Sales projections, Establishing and managing a sales network, etc.)

    Financial (Financial modeling, Financial statements, Cashflow planning, Funding strategies, etc.)Private Funding (Angel and venture funding, Funding requirements, Investor pitches, Due diligence, etc.)Government Funding (SBIR, STTR, etc.)

    General Legal (Legal strategy, Agreements, Partnerships, Employment/HR, etc.)IP (IP protection strategy, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, etc.)Regulatory/FDA (Regulatory strategy, Regulatory compliance, etc.)

    Systems and processes, IT systems, Facilities, Equipment, etc.

    Product Development (Early-stage product design and development, Proof-of-concept, Product testing, Production prototyping, etc.)Manufacturing/Supply Chain (Outsourcing, Vendor selection, Quality assurance, etc.)

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