UCF Business Incubator Client receives $1 million to further develop its Nanomaterial-based Residual Active Disinfectant, aka NanoRAD

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 1, 2023) — Kismet Technologies has been named one of just a handful of companies in the United States to receive a Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer grant from the National Science Foundation in 2023.

After a two-year effort by the company to qualify, the company learned in July they were selected and will receive $1 million in research funding.

The National Science Foundation awards fewer than 10 Phase II grants per year. Kismet is only the second company in the past 10 years from Florida. In 2019, a Tampa-based company received a similar grant.

“This award was especially gratifying of the over 30 grants received in my career as the underlying nanotechnology represents one of the most transformative changes to how the world disinfects, preventing infections and saving lives,” says Christina Drake, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO, Kismet Technologies. “This was a very competitive process to go through but is a clear indication the technology is innovative and impactful and needs to get to market.”

Kismet Technologies is poised to disrupt the infection control market with its patent-pending product, NanoRAD. NanoRAD, which stands for “Nanobased Residual Active Disinfectant,” works continuously for several months, because of the use of specially engineered nanoparticles. Plus, NanoRAD works against some of the most severe illness causing germs that have plagued healthcare and tourism.

Recently, the company opened its manufacturing facility in the Lee Vista area of Central Florida and has initiated several large-scale pilot projects in the healthcare and clean room industries.

The Small Business Technology Transfer grant, or STTR grant, is part of America’s Seed Fund, which is focused on helping small businesses research and develop innovative technologies. Most grants are in the Small Business Innovation Research category as they have few restrictions.

To receive an STTR grant, the company must have a non-profit research partner, typically a research university, that performs a significant amount of work. These grants work to transition new findings in science quickly to market, where normally this transition to market can take decades.

Drake partnered with her former doctoral advisor, Sudipta Seal, a materials science and engineering professor, and faculty within the UCF School of Medicine for this breakthrough technology. Drake and Seal are co-inventors of the underlying technology.

“This type of award is extremely significant because of how rare it is to find a company who has received an STTR grant,” says Carol Ann Dykes Logue, director, programs & operations, Innovation Districts & Incubation Program, University of Central Florida. “Kismet is on its way to becoming one of Central Florida’s more successful start-up companies as they have seen tremendous success throughout their lifespan, but particularly this year.”



Kismet Technologies: Chrsitina Drake, CEO, cdrake@kismettechnologies.com

UCF Business Incubation Program: Carol Ann Dykes Logue, 407-635-9882, carolann.dykeslogue@ucf.edu; Alan Byrd, Alan Byrd & Associates, 407-415-8470, Alan@ByrdConnections.com

About Kismet Technologies
Kismet Technologies is committed to helping people live healthier and safer lives by harnessing the power of nanotechnology to create self-disinfecting surfaces. Our patent-pending product, NanoRAD, eradicates even the most-persistent and severe illness causing bacteria and viruses within two hours of contacting a NanoRAD treated surface and provides this protection around the clock. Kismet is changing how the world disinfects with products that will save millions of lives.

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