Orlando, Fla. (June 28, 2021) – With more and more companies turning to online influencers for marketing, a local start-up is showing you don’t need a massive budget when you have a quality product.

FLUIX, makers of cooling systems for top-level computers, has partnered with local Twitch Partner Bennett Newsome, DamnittBennett online, to build a new system using the company’s product liquid cooling system for high-end PCs. Newsome is also the Esports Strategist for Full Sail University.

“Our target market truly follows and trusts the advice and recommendations that Bennett provides through Twitch and we couldn’t be more grateful for his interest in what we are doing,” says Abhishek Sastri, CEO & founder of FLUIX. “As a new company, we are truly looking for creative ways to showcase what we are offering people who utilize these high-end computers for a wide range of items and partnership like this one are critical to our growth.”

The partnership with Newsome follows other successful online reviews. Tic Tok celebrity daPoets recently reviewed the cooling system, as did Sterling, an IT specialist on the Esposure.gg platform.

Both of those cases came from Sastri’s activity on TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and others.

However, the relationship with Newsome came the old-fashioned way – face-to-face, in-person meetings.

In 2019, Sastri reached out to Newsome on LinkedIn and asked for a tour of Full Sail’s new endeavor, the Full Sail Orlando Health Fortress, a facility specializing in hosting esports tournaments. The tour turned into a friendship and now a business partnership too.

Newsome helped FLUIX refine the company’s products and now is helping launch the TRI-SWIFT liquid cooler by converting his gaming PC into a turbo-charged water-cooled masterpiece. The gaming PC will be powering Bennett’s Gaming for the next few years while being showcased during his daily streams on Twitch.

“It’s not easy to develop a new product that gamers and high-end PC users will embrace and find useful because the TRI-SWIFT is incredibly impressive and improves the performance of my system,” Newsome says. “It’s not often I’m able to become involved in launching something like this that will be a great asset for my industry for a long time.”

Founded by two UCF School of Engineering graduates, FLUIX’s products unlock the full computational power of PCs by eliminating the challenge of heat for workstation manufacturers and enthusiasts with patent pending liquid cooling technology.

FLUIX’s TRI-SWIFT all-in-one liquid cooler eliminated overheating problems and allows workstation manufacturers to increase data processing speeds by up to 25%. FLUIX TRI-SWIFT Water Block empowers PC enthusiasts to overclock confidently and build unique water-cooled battle stations like none other.

Both consumer and industrial product line is powered by patent pending multi-inlet technology that induces increased fluid turbulence to maximize heat transfer from microprocessors.


FLUIX LLC: Abhishek Sastri, CEO & founder, (407) 801-2078, Cooling@fluixengineering.com

UCF Business Incubation Program: Rob Panepinto, director, Innovation Districts Strategy and Partnerships for the University of Central Florida, 407-467-5689,  rob.panepinto@ucf.edu or Alan Byrd, Alan Byrd & Associates, 407-415-8470, Alan@ByrdConnections.com

About the UCF Business Incubation Program:

The University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program is a community resource that provides early-stage companies with the tools, training and infrastructure to become financially stable, high growth/impact enterprises. Since 1999, this award-winning program has provided vital business development resources resulting in over 300 local startup companies reaching their potential faster and graduating into the community where they continue to grow and positively impact the local economy.

With seven facilities throughout the region, the UCF Business Incubation Program is an economic development partnership between the University of Central Florida, the Corridor, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia Counties, and the cities of Kissimmee, Orlando and Winter Springs. For the 2017/2018 fiscal years, the activities of these participating firms have helped to sustain more than 6,725 local jobs and have had a cumulative impact of over $725 million on regional GDP and over $1.3 billion on regional sales. During the same period, the program has returned more than $12.00 in state and local taxes for every $1.00 invested in the program. In addition, for every $1.00 of public investment the firms also produced $118 of additional regional GDP and $226 of regional sales. For more information, visit  www.incubator.ucf.edu.


Founded in 2017, FLUIX LLC designs and manufactures easy, powerful, and state-of-the-art liquid cooling & wall-mounted PC hardware for gaming enthusiasts & eSports arenas. For more information, visit fluixengineering.com.

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