Datanautix Helps Businesses Know and Understand What Their Customers Really Think

In today’s health care environment, it’s imperative for providers to know and understand as much as possible about a patient’s customer experience during their stay in a hospital or for other treatment and service. It’s a critical piece of information, especially in the current regulatory and payer framework, but obtaining it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Multiple-choice surveys have their limits, and open-ended questions require a designated person to interpret the data, which can lead to ambiguous and inaccurate results.

Datanautix Inc., a client company of the UCF Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP) in Winter Springs, has developed a software platform that can provide accurate analytics, based on open-ended written and verbal responses, about how customers feel about a business and their experience with it.

“In today’s highly connected world, we hear a lot about the quantity of information now available to us — big data — but the key is really all about big insights,” says Datanautix CEO Sanjay Patel. “We extract intelligence about the customer experience and interpret the data so that businesses can enhance their business and marketing strategies based on these big insights.”

After several successful pilot programs and prototype testing, Datanautix is preparing to roll out its platform, VOCL (pronounced “vocal”), and is positioning itself to enter several major market sectors. In addition to health care, Patel sees significant opportunities in telecommunications, hospitality and financial services, where there is strong competition to better serve customers.

The VOCL platform is designed to assess open-ended comments in surveys and, based on sophisticated analytics, identify the underlying sentiments of customers. Datanautix clients can even extract this information on the basis of verbal responses provided during telephone calls. “This allows companies to quickly understand what the core drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction are from a consumer perspective and take action to improve the overall customer experience. The best way to get insights into customers’ expectations and perceptions is by asking open-ended questions, but that has traditionally been a difficult analytics problem. Our capabilities now make that easy,” Patel says.

Whereas other platforms in the market today offer broader but less detailed insights, Datanautix offers a solution that is keenly focused and delivers a significant depth of insight. “We provide a level of insight that is absolutely crucial for today’s businesses,” explains Patel.

One of the company’s signature services is providing constructive feedback on the surveys and call-center interactions, helping businesses learn to ask the right questions. Datanautix can also analyze political speeches, calculate an “emotional signature,” and predict how well people are apt to receive a particular product or company message.

Patel said that during the pilot testing, the platform demonstrated increases in customer satisfaction and decreases in the length of phone calls for businesses — both of which are significant benefits.

Patel, who has worked with the UCFBIP in the past with another company he successfully launched, sees great benefits working with the program. The UCFBIP team has provided him with expert strategic guidance and business-related support.

One of the most important benefits is the increased flexibility in cash-flow management, according to Patel. “The program allows a startup to gracefully scale,” he says. “Because of the support and resources of the [UCFBIP], I can expand or constrict my business more effectively in response to changing market conditions. This cash-flow flexibility has great impact on the success of a startup in a competitive marketplace.”

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