Kissimmee, Fla. (May 19, 2022) Often, one of the most difficult aspects of bringing a product to market is getting the government approvals needed. This month, Celebration-based BRISA America received a critical clearance from the Federal Communication Commission for its wireless smart lock system – EzyLock.

“This certification validates that EzyLock is a high-quality product, a very professional system designed for the hospitality industry”, says Paulo Toledo, founder/CEO, BRISA America Corp. “The rigorous compliance testing and the technical requirements needed to comply with the FCC’s rules for certification approvals are hard to get and is a demanding process.”

It doesn’t seem to be a natural path for a smart-lock door system to need to have the approval of an agency widely known for oversight of television and radio broadcasts. However, as BRISA’s locks are controlled remotely, using 4G technology like cell phones, the system is classified as a “digital transmission system” by the FCC.

The approval process started with the basic engineering at the beginning of bringing the concept to life. Everything has been designed and implemented with the FCC approval in mind.

In January, BRISA hired an FCC accredited California firm to run all the specific tests required by the FCC. That company submitted all the results in March and the FCC provided final certification May 3. The company’s first shipment of smart locks arrived last week.

“This is a milestone event for us and is also an opportunity to really showcase why EzyLock is going to be essential for property managers of short-term rentals,” Toledo says.

BRISA was founded in Brazil in 1988, expanding into the United States through the UCF Business Incubator’s Soft-Landing Program in 2017. The company serves clients in the United States, Latin America and Europe, including brands like LG Electronics, Epson, Ericson and Lexmark.

Since moving its operations to Kissimmee, the company has focused its technology development on front desk automation, particularly for hotels and vacation homes using some of the most advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, Internet of Things, and image processing.

This technology has been used in hotels like SPOT-X (Red Roof) and in company’s like VHC Vacation Homes Collection, located in Central Florida.

EzyLock is yet another extension of these types of products. By using the BRISA system, property managers of short-term rentals, like AirBNB or condos, can program new codes from their office computer and remotely monitor the locks, avoiding guests being blocked outside the properties, or batteries going off without notice. In addition, they can monitor usage to confirm check in and check out for renters.

“Our company is highly focused on using technology to automate how properties engage with their customers in the hospitality industry,” Toledo says. “This is another step to develop a fully-integrated cache of products in this area our company is focused on developing and bringing to market.”


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