Writing Code that Changes the World

Modeling and simulation development tackles many difficult problems, including processing complex data sets, rendering these into various graphics engines, and making this data available on a wide range of devices, with a focus on Web and mobile platforms. From small-scale software development efforts to designing and building end-to-end solutions, AgileSrc, LLC blends the right combination of quality, performance and cost to achieve optimal performance and results.

AgileSrc, a client of the UCF Business Incubator – Central Florida Research Park, was founded in 2006 to assist companies, the government and the military with development services that focus on environmental data access/use as well as the visual representation of data. AgileSrc is a main developer on the Department of Defense’s Environmental Data Cube Support System project, which is used daily to provide realistic natural environmental data in support of military training events to improve their overall quality.

“Environmental data can play a key role in training our war fighters, from visualization to system effects,” explains AgileSrc CEO Mark Horn. “It can be a difficult problem to tackle, but AgileSrc has the expertise to make it simple for our customers.”

AgileSrc was recently awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant to design enhancements for the U.S. Navy’s Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecast (ACAF) tool. According to Horn, weather is recognized across the DOD as critical intelligence and is part of the Navy Battlespace on Demand strategy. Climate analysis and forecasting can move decision-makers and war fighters from cope-and-avoid strategies to a strategic or an operational perspective that anticipates and exploits the weather. AgileSrc’s design provides a robust and scalable support framework that can easily add new data resources, transform the data into actionable information, and effectively distribute the computational and network burden among operational and tactical environments. These capabilities will allow ACAF to significantly improve meteorological and oceanographic support to the field, and better extend decision superiority to Fleet and DOD forces.

The resources and support offered by the UCF Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP) have helped fuel the company’s success. “AgileSrc has benefited from meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs and building partnerships from within the incubator,” says Horn. “The resources made available during our time in the Research Park incubator have been invaluable in terms of our growth and success for AgileSrc.”

The company recently released BlueSkies, a Unity-based plug-in that generates realistic weather conditions for simulations. Looking toward the future, AgileSrc continues to build on its strengths in software development and modeling and simulations technologies and is currently working on exciting products for visualization of environmental data.

For more information, visit AgileSrc.com.