Spectrum Dynamix Unveils Major Breakthrough in Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Winter Springs, Fla. (Jan. 20, 2015) — Orlando-based Spectrum Dynamix, Inc., has developed a new chemical taggant that is easy to apply, easy to detect, and impossible for counterfeiters to fool.

Russell Case, chief executive officer of Spectrum Dynamix, said the new product, SpectraSure™, ranks as the only undefeatable anti-counterfeiting technology available to help manufacturers protect their branded products from the scourge of counterfeiting.

SpectraSure™ is an inert chemical manufactured in Orlando. It can be deployed to a product or its packaging either covertly or overtly, depending on specific requirements of the manufacturer.

Counterfeiting costs legitimate manufacturers more than $750 billion annually, according to industry estimates. That number is growing exponentially as the global economy expands.

And while the flood of consumer brand “knockoffs” hurts the bottom line of legitimate manufacturers and retailers, counterfeit technology can create potential disasters in critical applications such as pharmaceuticals, energy, communications, mass transportation and weapons systems.

The illegal payoff is so lucrative that counterfeiters have reverse-engineered every anti-counterfeiting solution on the market today.

SpectraSure™ cannot be reverse-engineered.

“SpectraSure™ is impossible to copy,” Case explained. “We have developed a unique manufacturing process that cannot be defeated. The power of SpectraSure™ lies in the manufacturing process,” Case said.

SpectraSure™ consists of an inert chemical that is completely safe and doesn’t alter a product either visually or physically. SpectraSure™ can be embedded in microscopic quantities in product packaging or directly in or on the product. Best of all, it is undetectable.

David A. Stacey, chief commercial officer at Spectrum Dynamix, said SpectraSure™ could have a major impact on one of the largest global issues facing producers and consumers.

“The potential applications for SpectraSure™ are virtually unlimited,” Stacey said. “There is hardly any industry that isn’t plagued with fake products and we have the solution.”

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