Snowman Labs is a firm focused in building mobile applications. Our mission is to impact people and transform business building stunning and amazingly designed apps for iPhone, iPad and ‘Droids. Our products and services aims to solve real problems for our clients and they do.

We can help our clients with both mobile technology and design:

Mobile Team as a Service – Our clients take care of their business—we take care of their technology. In this service, our effort does not stop at app creation. We are with our clients in every step of the project to ensure that the development and implementation is highly successful. In this case, we setup a well-skilled mobile team to work focused in our client’s project for long-terms contract.

App Discovery – We understand that many companies have ideas for apps—who doesn’t these days. It is the efficacy of your idea with which we are here to help. In this case, we test our client’s app concept prior to investing a great deal of money in its creation. Understanding its market potential is extremely important. And that is exactly what we do. If, after determining that there is in fact a market for the app.

Located at the Kissimmee Incubator.

Snowman Labs