The Raw Surf app is a social platform designed to connect surfers and photographers in a unique and dynamic space. The app allows users to create profiles and share their surfing experiences through photos and videos. Additionally, users can discover and connect with other surfers and photographers who share similar interests, skills, and goals.

For surfers, the Raw Surf app offers an opportunity to showcase their skills and share their experiences with a community of like-minded individuals. They can upload photos and videos of their surfing sessions, provide tips and tricks to fellow surfers, and connect with photographers who can capture their best moments.

For photographers, the Raw Surf app provides a platform to showcase their work and connect with surfers who are looking for high-quality surf photography. They can create profiles, showcase their portfolio, and offer their services to surfers in need of capturing their best moments.

The Raw Surf app also includes features such as surf forecasts, tide information, and location sharing to help users plan their surfing sessions and connect with others in their area. Additionally, users can join groups and participate in discussions on various surfing topics. Overall, the Raw Surf app provides a unique and engaging social space for surfers and photographers to connect, share, and collaborate in a vibrant community of ocean enthusiasts.

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Raw Surf Adventures Inc.