Commercialization Support for Research Faculty

Research Faculty

Program Process

Taking an innovation from the lab to the market is a complex and challenging process. We help navigate faculty along the path to commercialization.

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Team Consideration
  • Networking
  • Capitalization
  • Entity Formation
  • Office of Technology Transfer
  • Proposal Development
  • Legal Team
  • Budget
  • Registration
  • Proposal Submission
  • Excellence in Entrepreneurship

University faculty are always looking for ways to obtain funding for their research. By forming a company to commercialize innovations resulting from research, faculty can gain access to various grants. We can help guide faculty through UCF’s conflict of interest process, as well as provide resources, coaching and connections to help create a foundation to pursue research commercialization grants.

To begin this process or to learn more about how this program can help support your efforts, please complete the form below.

Assessment Form

Which of the following describes your position at UCF?
FacultyPh.D. Student (supported on a research grant)Post-Doctoral StudentResearch AssociateFull-Time UCF Employee

Is your proposed start-up company in the samefield of your employment at UCF? YesNo

Which of the following will form the basis of your proposed venture? (Select all that apply)
A conceptExpertise and Know HowSpecialized equipment that you have access to or knowledge ofRelationship with a potential buyer or customer that will be able to sustain initial operationsIntellectual Property (copy right, patent or trademark)ProductPrototype

Select the positions for which you have people engaged or in mind to help you with your start-up. (Select all that apply)
CEOCTO ( can be yourself)Developers / Researchers / Other employeesVendors / Support Services

Which of the following have you completed? (Select all that apply)
Formed a legal entityConflict of interest form at UCFDisclosure of Invention from to the Technology Transfer OfficeLicensed Technology from UCFSold product/ serviceOutlined Business PlanWritten grants that will support efforts to commercialization technology and fund your start upDeveloped Investor pitchIdentified investors who are willing to back your proposed ventureNone

Does your venture require external funding?

Which of the following groups at the ORC have you discussed the venture with? (Select all that apply)
Business Incubation ProgramVenture Accelerator ProgramTechnology TransferProposal Development TeamContracts, Grants and Compliance

Does your start-up require commercial office space at this time?

How will your venture generate revenues or find the resources to start operations?
Sell a productSell a serviceProvide expertise (consulting)Grant FundingSelf-FundedLicense TechnologyOther

If you have identified any areas that you require support in launching your venture please list them below.

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