How to Get More Clients in the 2nd Half of 2017

How were your results in the first half of 2017? Want better returns? Steven will show you what you need to do RIGHT NOW to crush your second half of 2017.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a list of 35,000 contacts, prospects and customers
  • What marketing is actually working in 2017
  • How to spend LESS on marketing while getting MORE clients

Presented by:
Steven Placey, President
Rock Your Business, Inc.

Rock Your Business® President and Best-Selling Author, Steven Placey is an Innovative Business Strategist, a Big Idea Guy, who has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs, and CEO’s of 1st and 2nd stage companies develop millions in new revenues, getting their companies unstuck, and growing through Innovative, high ROI strategies.

He is an expert at uncovering opportunities unforeseen within a company that lead to higher profits, increased visibility, industry recognition and unlimited prospects. Steven’s vibrancy and innovative business strategies have lead to him being a highly sought after consultant and speaker