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The University of Central Florida (UCF) Business Incubation Program is a university-driven community partnership created to help grow successful business ventures in Central Florida. Our mission is to nurture companies who have the potential to create high-wage jobs within the Central Florida economy. Companies seeking to become clients of the UCF Business Incubation Program will be evaluated based on the eligibility requirements below.

If you feel your company qualifies, please complete this application. In addition to submitting the application, candidates are also required to complete the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Certificate Course offered by the UCF Business Incubation Program.

Applications are reviewed on a space-available, first-come, first-serve basis. Companies wishing to be located on site will be required to sign a lease prior to occupancy. Companies seeking Off-Site client status will be required to sign an Off-Site Client Agreement.

Business Incubation Program Application

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for consideration, candidates should meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a company registered in the state of Florida
  2. Be a for-profit business in a high-growth field
  3. Be in the early stages of business development
  4. Must demonstrate a solution to strong market demand
  5. Have a product or service that can be commercialized within two years
  6. The company should plan to remain headquartered in Central Florida
  7. The company President/CEO must be located in the incubator (unless off-site applicant)
  8. Have a basic business plan and a financial forecast
  9. Have a management team in place that can demonstrate an ability to handle both the technical and managerial aspects of the business and is willing to seek and accept assistance from the program and its network of service providers.
  10. Agree to participate in the incubator’s business assistance programs and to cooperate in achieving the incubation program’s mission.
  11. Have the ability to pay monthly rent or service fee (for off-site status)
  12. Be a business well-suited to benefit from the program’s services, environment, technical and business expertise.
  13. Complete the Excellence In Entrepreneurship (EIE) Course
  14. Have potential for positive economic impact on the community through:
    -A technology, product or service deemed to have a high potential impact in the marketplace or community
    -Potential for rapid company growth and the associated creation of new high paying jobs
    -Positive impact on the tax base of local and state government

For questions regarding your application or the program, please contact Michael Weiss at (321) 281-8384 or at

Online Application Form

Application Information

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How did you learn about the UCF Business Incubation Program?

Company Information

What is the legal form of your business?

Contact Information for Any Other Principals, Partners, or Major Shareholders




Employment Estimates for Central Florida

Current # Full-Time Employees:

Current # Part-Time Employees:

Estimated # Full-Time Employees 1 Year from Now:

Estimated # Part-Time Employees 1 Year from Now:

Estimated # Full-Time Employees 2 Years from Now:

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The UCF Business Incubation Program tracks the revenue generated and the number of jobs created by its clients. This information is kept confidential and is only used in an aggregate form. Are you willing to share your financials (profit/loss, balance sheet, income statement) and the number of employees you hire with us? YesNo

About Your Business

Briefly describe your business. What market need are you solving? What is the solution you are offering? Who are your target customers?

You currently have enough funds to sustain operations for at least the next:

If you or your company has an existing relationship with UCF faculty or programs, please describe them:

Business Needs

Which incubator location are you interested in joining?

Please list any special facility requirements that your company needs:

Are you interested in utilizing student interns? YesNo

Please describe the type assistance that may be requested from the incubator:

Company SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

List of Strengths: (i.e. What advantages or features will allow the company to effectively compete in the market?)
(Examples – Unique Selling Proposition; Strength of the Team; Intellectual Property; Established Partnerships; Financial Reserves).

List of Weaknesses: (i.e. What does the company lack, need to improve upon, reduce or establish?)
(Examples – High Costs; Inexperienced Team; Limited Human or Financial Capital; Infrequent Cash Flow System; No Strategic Partners).

List of Opportunities: (i.e. What is occurring in the market that serves as an advantage to your business?)
(Examples – Emerging Trends; Changes in Technology or Government Regulations; Social Factors; Events; Partnerships; Potential New Uses).

List of Threats: (i.e. What external or internal factors adversely affect your business?)
(Examples – Cash Flow or Debt; Competitors; Changes in the Market; New Legislation; Staff Shortages).

Personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

List of Strengths:
(Criteria Examples – What do I do well? What is the level of my education? What is my biggest achievement? What qualities do I possess?)

List of Weaknesses:
(Criteria Examples – What can I improve? What tasks do I usually avoid? What are the roots of my failures?)

List of Opportunities:
(Criteria Examples – What can support me in achieving my goals? What trends do I see in my professional area? How can I get noticed?)

List of Threats:
(Criteria Examples – What obstacles do I face? Who/what may get in my way? Am I marketable?)

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